I am a creative problem solver with almost 20 years of professional experience within 3D, VFX and animation. I love to take a vague idea and turn it into something concrete—to develop a concept into a script or work out scenes and camera angles in an edit. I can take care of the entire production by myself, together with your team, or lead a team of other freelancers. If you involve me early in the process I can help figure out how to get the most out of your budget, put together the right team for the job and guide you through the process. 

My background includes co-founding and running the production company Upper First where we did tons of commercials, I have worked on big scale VFX for Hollywood movies and also been on the client side as an agency producer. Mix in some project management, leadership, programming and a passion for writing and you have a skillset that seems to work pretty well for what I do today.

I also host a podcast about leadership and development in the VFX industry called VFX Talks.

Get in touch and we’ll see if I am the right fit for your needs!

Alfred Lindahl